The Bioinformatics for Environmental Genomics workshop, organized by the Pluridisciplinary Thematic Network in Environmental Genomics (RTP-GE), will be held in Lyon (France) on May, 27-28 2014. This workshop aims at gathering researchers from different domains that are using (or are willing to use) new sequencing technologies, as well as the most recent developments in bioinformatics to address questions in ecology, evolution, biodiversity, systematics and population genomics.

Proposed topics for this workshop are:

  • Sequence analysis.
  • Phylogeny and systematics.
  • Biodiversity estimation.
  • Genomic diversity and variant reconstruction.
  • Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics.
  • Population genomics.
  • Genome reconstruction.
  • Metabolic reconstruction.
  • Modelling.

Any of these topic can occupy an entire session, depending on the number of corresponding contributions received.

We invite you to register and submit an abstract for an oral communication or a poster. The procedures for registration and abstract submission are detailed in the Practical informations section of the web site. The official language of the workshop is English. The deadlines for abstract submission and registration are Friday, April 18th and Sunday, May 4th respectively.

A tutorial is also organized on Monday, May 26th. This tutorial is organized in collaboration with the Global Bioinformatics network (EMBnet).

It is now possible to download the complete program as well as the abstracts (oral communications and posters).

On behalf of the RTP-GE Scientific Committee and the Program Committee:

Guy Perrière

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